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About Us

Our family have been in the driver training/testing industry since the 1970s.

This is one of my dads cars from the 1980s.

Both my parents started off as driving instructors then in the 1990s they both became driving examiners.
My mother continued as an examiner until 2016. She is now enjoying retirement.
My father however went back to teaching when our family moved to Scarborough in 2001.
That's when Scarborough Driver Training was born.

We were mostly recognised by our yellow cars.

My name is David White, I have now been a driver trainer for 13 years.
I decided to follow my parents path when I was just 21.
I now solely cover automatic driving lessons.
My father decided to buy an automatic car as a way of easing into retirement. He thought there would be less demand, so he'd be able to do less work.
However, the automatic car proved extremely popular. So when he decided to retire I took over the automatic car full time.

We have recently purchased two brand new Toyota Yaris Hybrid Automatics.

These are the best tuition cars we've ever used.
The third car is a manual.

Our success comes from our vast knowledge and experience.
We really are 'your AUTOMATIC choice'.

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