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PDI Courses

There are many routes to becoming a driving instructor. It can be overwhelming. Be wary of contracts that charge you (sometimes £1,000s) even if you are not earning or passing tests.
We try to keep is simple.

Option 1. TCIT Course
Option 2. TCIT Course with Pink Ticket (Trainee Licence)
Option 3. 'Pay as you go' tailored to your individual needs. PAYG Prices

The TCIT courses have been developed by Tri-Coaching Partnership. The courses are aimed at the new 'Part 3' test, with 'Client Centred Learning' at the heart.

You do not need to decide which option is best at the beginning. Each person learns in a different way, what is best for you may not be right for someone else. You will know after a few sessions.

The courses by Tri-Coaching Partnership are developed to give you 'step by step' training, leading to your 'Part 3' (your final exam). There is a course book to work through and online videoes to help you along the way. will help you with the 'in-car' sessions and be there to answer all your questions. You will also receive books and learning materials to help with your journey.

The overall training cost fot the TCIT course is £2,640 or £3,080 if you decide to go down the 'pink ticket' route.
You will need to pay £1,000 deposit for the above courses. It may be best to do a single session before any decisions are made. Prices Here

There are other costs to consider.

The costs below are the current DVSA prices for driving instructors.
(Please check the DVSA Webiste for the latest information).

£6 - DBS Check
£81 - Part 1 Test
£111 - Part 2 Test
£111 - Part 3 Test
£140 - Pink Ticket (not always necessary)
£300 - Register to be a Driving Instructor (payable every four years to remain on the register)

After you qualifiy, you are free to do what you want, we do not trap you in. There are numerous opions available to you. We can help with this too.

If you have any question please text David on 07903107720

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